Reviews for "-Orr- Internal Conflict"

Really good.

This will certainly fit within the game of Sonny 2, I'd imagine. You have very good instrumental use, and the sounds fit well together.
I only wish that I could get East West also.... T_T

Anyways, I read a review down there. I have some suggestions for stuff I want to hear more of. Namely the two songs of yours that I really listen to a lot are Sounds of Gaia, and Vitality. I'd actually like to see you make more songs like Vitality. :D

Thanks for the great music! :D

-HFX ^_^

i'm beginning to see a trend...

Again, I have to say nice work here. The song is definitely reminiscent of the Sonny series, but you need to make the deeper tones more prevalent. Bring them forward more, so that the song isnt so focused on the high melody. If you can do that, I think the series as a whole will be that much more epic!
Keep up the good work

Nice dynamics.

I wanna hear your non-sonny stuff. Not saying this is bad, it's really brilliant and it all keeps within the same style that works. You'll be part of why Sonny 2 (and Sonny) will be and and was a success. Killer English there.

DavidOrr responds:

Which non-sonny stuff would you be interested in? Some more cerebral works (such as a fugue, sonata, etc.), other orchestral music, electronic music? I'm always curious to hear what people want more/less of, so I'd appreciate any insight!

Oh... Epic.

I somewhat like this better, a more uplifting battle theme than Sonny 1's musics.

I'm enjoying this.

DavidOrr responds:



Now wasn't this something.
Very nice sound and good orchestrations. But... where's the ending?
And I agree that it should probably be a bit longer too.

DavidOrr responds:

There is no ending because it's a loop.

Thanks for the review!