Reviews for "-Orr- Internal Conflict"

I think this is the best of the loops

The loops works very well. Barely noticed it when I started my comment.

What knocked it down a notch wasn't the length of it, but it just lacks the amount of oomph that grabbed all of us from Nocturne in C# from the intro, and slammed us into the battle for survival against the first Metabii zombie.

Still good regardless.

9/10, 5/5

This is brilliant! It makes a great game epic!

This works towards making Sonny 2 the epic game that it is. A great song, but I guess that's what we should expect from you!

I'm sure ALL of us sonny fans

I'm sure ALL of us sonny fans will like the full version! I like this a lot, and the full version is sure to be awesome! I can't wait, so you got my vote. 10 OUTTA 10, DUDE!

50 seconds of awesome.

Seriously, if you were to make a longer version of any of the Sonny 2 battle loops, make it this one.

Only reason it didn't get a 10/10 was for lack of length. I doubt I'd download this, my compy and mp3 don't do loops well. Still, amazing work, man. I'll definitely look into your other classical stuff.

So awesome!

Man i have played Sonny 2 at Armorgames and the thing i wanted to do when i was having a fight, was to take it easy and slowly so i could listen to this loop for a longer time!
I LOVE THIS!!! Great job and 2 thumbs up!!!
I hope that you will make a even better battleloop to the uppcoming Sonny 3!
Good luck with it then!!!
Can't wait for it!!! ;) And the game, of course!!!