Reviews for "-Orr- Internal Conflict"

i must say epic

this gives me more inspiration to start making music sir. now all i need is about $500 to get FL Studio.

5 every day

I cant say too much about your music, it just perfect, Sonny 2 is really awesome and its because the music joined to the great graphics. Im going to be here every day rating 5 to this and the another 2 music of Sonny 2.
-Sorry about my bad english.

Your a sound and music master!

Orrs Music

literally MADE half the sonny games, normally those kind of games are just pokey da buttons but this makes it all like "GRAAARGH I AM BUTTON POKEY MASTER RAWR!" you know?.... yeah you know...


why is this epic music so underrated?
The music made sonny 2 really epic
GJ 10/10 5/5


I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that song makes me feel like that 0:00 - 0:33