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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"

This is Crap!

It says it all during one scene of your flash. This is Crap! This should of been blammed. How did it get past the portal, how did it get onto daily top 5? Ugh... Next time you consider doing a flash movie, consider anything from MTV as fodder for bad reviews.

eddsworld responds:

i diodnt knwo so many peopek hate mtv.


and I thought stick movies were bad, that was 100%
pure crap

eddsworld responds:

well youre wrong to think that.

man that was...

CRAP CRAP CRAP and that is a fuckibg rap about the crap you produce its like you took a shit in sleep and it was this...CRAP!

eddsworld responds:

i see no helping comments.


haven't viewed it yet...today is such a miserable day, hopefully this flash would cheer me up.

-i cannot rate it yet

eddsworld responds:

ok.. then why did you review before?

Lol. Very Funny.

You've done a good job on this one of making a great parody of punk'd.
The graphics in this movie were nice and smooth. It was very funny how each time they put a team of "deadly ninjas" and watched what happend. Very funny.
And the next time was even funnier. Great parody. Keep up the good work.