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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"

it's nice

It's very good, much better than a lot of those flash movies I see around NG. Good work!

Fucking superb

why is everybody leaving bad reviews for this movie? I thought it was great. Everything was great animation,sound, EVERYTHING! You are an animating god!Kepp up the good work and i hope to see the second episode!Great Job!!!!!!!!

eddsworld responds:

heh thanks buddy.

That was a pretty poor effort.

So, you go around punching people, so what? Oh, it's meant to be funny, I get it now, it's lame. Look, maybe try another type of movie, ok?

eddsworld responds:

maybe you didnt get it, its called PUNCH'd so you PUNCH celebrities. maybe yu dont undestand what a PUNCH is ,it is where a fist is thrown into someone, possibly the face. and that is what id do to you 47 times if i ever met you.
you only signed up 10 days ago, so you woudlent understand how difficult it is to make a flash like this.


Well, the drawings was okay... it was a nice spoof. Only problem I have with it is that it's just that the dialouge needs to be a bitter better. It was way too dry.

eddsworld responds:

thank you i will keep that in mind.

Don't know what these F***holes are talking about

I dont know what these F***holes are talking about because that was some good quality flash work. the graphic where not half bad and the sound ran nice and smooth. You where a little slow moving sceen from sceen though. anyways As B-Lizzle said some people just flam without realizing how hard it is to create a flash. they just expect top stuff that would be seen in holiwood every day. well to them a big two middle fingers up and a two big thumbs up for you man. Keep it up man, i cant wait till you get pro at flash cause soon enough you gonna be right up at the top.

eddsworld responds:

thanks man!