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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"


thats awesome, now i have an excuse to punch justin bieber! XD
your animations are awesome! please make more!

That's what happen's

Whene you have Deadly Ninjas and not punching ninjas... i guess :D
But it is funny and i wish i could see Tony get a punch :)

I've been punched!

Edd Gould is one of the greatest animators on the web. I can't help but get excited every time he makes a new flash. Punched is a great parody/spoof. I give it a total of 10 stars.

yaeh, get tony blair!!!!

Well done on this,

You made many layers and that makes it look more professional
I think that u should make a sequil or something.

If not, why not bring back bendee stick?
even 4 a short time?

just a thought...

one of the most funniest vids YOU ROCK!

lol this is so funny