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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"

Ooooooh kaaaaay....

What's the point, again?
Sorry, I think I was so bored I felt asleep...

eddsworld responds:

ok, you 30 year old n00b, who hasent made any flash. u suk.

Another case of 'shit but funny' flash.

I'm not surprised it's so popular.

One thing, though. In your author's comments you made a mistake. It should be "parody of Punk'd", not "Parody of Punch'd".

That was pretty good! I iked it alot!

good job the idea of beating the shit out of hated stars is pretty funny! HAHA! Cant wait and see if there is a next episode comming soon.


Almighty Hans

p.s. watch my cartoons


It just wasn't funny or entertaining. Try something else, and get some real sound equipment instead of that 59p mic.

Nice Work!

this is genius, the voice acting could use some work but the rest is awesome! i agree that this should become a series.