Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 02"

Gonna Score!!!

That is the best line iv'e heard on a Newgrounds movie yet. I agree with Unko. This is the series that made me sign up just to review it. I don't give u a good score in graphics because it's a sprite movie, but your style and humour is through the roof! Great job on this serie. The only way i think it could be better, is if Chrono actually did score. j/k


That would drive me insane. Hey ignore the comment I left on the first one. I didn't know you made a series out of it already. Good job. I like this series.

Better than the first one!

Nice one! keep going i like them so far! i like the "ERRRRRR...." "OH NO I GAVE HIM BRAIN DAMAGE' lmao still cracks me up every time.

Much better than 1st one.

A perfect flash - I couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Better than the 1st one.

again I am not gonna judge by sprites.

I loved it. Funny as the last one. Hope ep 3 is good!

5/5 again.