Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 02"

Cat voiced by Eddie Murphy.

Or it SHOULD. Seriously, for those of you who have ever seen ANY Shrek movie, doesn't it seem like the role of the cat could be the guy who does the Donkey? Just saying.

Anyway, this episode brings us alot more into the smart-alecky world being put together here, where the Carnies are both evil and ALL RELATED. Scary, no? Talk about being doubly-cheated. Funny, though. Didn't Chrono start out in the game with a wooden sword? Coulda' bashed a Carny that way...

ANYWAY! On to the next one!


Milk came out of my nose (eating)

Love it!

I was always a fan of Chrono Trigger, and this is an awesome parody. Heh, with 18 episodes, if they're all this good, you're definitely gonna be taking up a good chunk of my faves list.


I like cats...

even better

the cat was funner so was chrono