Reviews for "Franswa - God's Love Remix"

sounds great

really amazing piano, my favorite since along time, great rhythm and good instruments selection, is pretty calm and sweet, all the background effect fits very well and give a nice touch to the song
i liked more how it started than how it ends, and the song needs a little more variations because on the end it's already felling a little repetitive, anyway is was nice

I like.

The instruments at the start of the song really progressed well, I liked the percussion beat loop, made the song well structured. A slightly emotive piece of music, with a good feel to all the beats. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards -

I like the piano. [R4RT]

First things first. Kudo's on the piano. I'm not sure if you just took a sample, or if you wrote it out from scratch. Either way it's really well done and sounds realistic enough.
The ambient background sounds that you added were nice. They're not harsh on the ears and they do provide nice accompaniment.
The snares and kick are alright. I do think the kick could have stood out more. The snares are fine as they are. But the kick is a little lacking in the beginning and the end.
Where's the thread for this? I might want to try my hand at messing with this piano. :3

-HFX ^_^

EternalXIII responds:

Go to CrimzonWolf777's page (He's the first reviewer) and the track is called god's love. ty for the review! I'll return favor! I don't remember where the thread is!

this is really good

I enjoy this alot! i really like it, its very smooth and it feels good, and its easy to listen to, kudos :P this is really a nice sounding song. and CrimzonWolf is a really good person.

EternalXIII responds:

Thanks for the positive feed back!!!


Awesome piano track, even if it isn't yours. I also like those background sounds, whatever they are lol. Those high bells I'm not so sure about in a couple of places, but overall they add to it I think. Good work, mind if I use this at some point?

EternalXIII responds:

Hey man!! Thanks, and I agree about the bells! Feel free to use this whenever!