Reviews for "Franswa - God's Love Remix"


I'd say put this under "Modern"... there is nothing old school about this.

EternalXIII responds:

nothing really that modern about it either.

Crazy sample!!!

Yo very little beats on new grounds made me chill out like this one but the ending was kinda sudden and kinda took away the vibe. try to fade it out and see where it goes.

I give you my respects 9/10

EternalXIII responds:

Thanks, the sample is right from NG, CrimzonWolf777. The piano piece is all his I just cut it up a bit and threw in the drums, synths, and bells

Top of olschool list, gratz!

at first i was like, wat? hip hop? then the beat came in. not bad, i suppose, but it seems a bit too slow for me.

EternalXIII responds:

It is a mad slow song, The song I sampled was pretty slow, and really relaxing. So I tried to do a hella chilled out beat. One that makes you sleepy so you dream of hip hop!!

Light and relaxing

This is a piece where I can imaging myself sitting in the garden listening to, as the clouds wheel overhead, revealing the sunlight on a summer's morning.

It's got a nice melody, that certainly carries itself on a wave of good feeling and almost sublime ecstasy in doing very little, which is great.

I'd give the piano a solo on this one, as it would certainly give the whole tune a new wave of joy.

[Review Request Club]

Pretty good.

I honestly had a hard time getting through this a couple of times because I kind of got bored (not to be rude), but I think it was because the submission was really relaxing, which isn't really my kind of music. I can't be opinionated on the review though so the quality of the submission was great. It even put my girlfriend back to sleep when I first listened to it this morning. She really liked it because it was so relaxing so it must have been pretty good.

Overall - Maybe a little repetitive, but a very relaxing song to listen to. Especially if it can put some one to sleep like that.

~ Review Request Club ~

EternalXIII responds:

Thanks much for the review!!! The repetitiveness is something I'm deffinately trying to overcome!