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Reviews for "Newgrounds Versus - Final"

Nice job to both competitors...

Jerm, the victim's corpses were displayed in a highly grotesque manner, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Good work on doing the transition between the hanged corpse and the head. The music was dark enough to creep me out, but didn't scare me to the point that I wouldn't watch the rest of the movie (I'm more than willing to admit I'm a chicken). This was an interesting thriller.

Gel, you've done an excellent job tricking me into thinking it was "just another stick movie." This was a very creative storyline that kept me interested. Nice humour too, regardless of being a serious movie. I also enjoyed the casual chat during the credits.


May the best artist win. Best of luck to you both.

Gel all the way!

"whoa, I am a girl... and Im sexy..." hahaha

Nice animation, fighting scenes and message about spiritual potential...

I really love Gel's work... keep it up.

"You are only what you make of your self!"

not bad... gel did a good job...

pretty good movie..... gel was better... the other guy... did crappy

excellent work

I salute both Gel and Jerm.

And yeah you can move sticks' heads. I don't know why :))


Both movies rule. The one with all the killings very really good, you just needed some quick loud sound effects. But lets talk about the other one, the stick one, it was SO cool, but all those speech balloons were annoying, there were some jokes in them, but it woulda been far better if there woulda been voices the whole time, and not just half of the time. It turned out to be great after a min or two though, that's why I rated the overall to 10, of course also because the other movie was great as well, as I mentioned earlier.