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Reviews for "Drop Dead"


I Kill People With This On Loop.
In Call Of Duty: World At War.

It Messes With All Of My Friends When We LAN Up. lol.

amaizingness in a squirrle

I agree and dissagree with darkdemon40k it does sound like and remind me of happy tree friends , but happy tree friends is happy , i first say it in 7th grade :D and im a junior now and look how i turned out!


Hilarious, I am almost sure you got the kid sounds from happy tree friends Hahaha. XD. This reminds of it anyways. Good funny song, always picture those violent kid scenes from Happy Tree Friends (If your under 16 do not google and watch it, ITS NOT HAPPY)

*twitching eye*

i love that one weird sound in the backround later in the song that sounds like some mexican muggers are stealing some kids kidney.

overall... i love it 10/10 5/5


i play the game and it´s fucking awesome.

so great job, the music make incredible the game.