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Reviews for "Music Video"

8/10: booyah!

That was creepy as hell.
Especially with all of those subliminal messages.
Had that noir look and feel to it, like most of your other works, but was overly enthusiastic and happy.
Damn! That was creepy!
Maybe it's just me or I truely see the horror within.
Great choice of music and the animation fitted it perfecly. That's becuase I excepted nothing less the great from you.
Also it's coo to finally see the man behind the madness (profile)!
kudos to a legend,

??????? Weird ????????

don't know what to make of it, but its coool

he he, cool

Sean should be as well known as krinkles! His music melds perfectly with Madness, and Depredation's music does rock, especially the insane bit at the end.

i likey very much

i could just watch for hours and now im gonna see no. 2 i like the sublimenal messages in it it makes it realistic cause everything has subliminal messages in it even ur madness series wich is great.

eat at mac donalds

Funny stuff

i thought the jumping smiley face was funny. It was good and the music was great. nice and smooth. It could have been better if it was a tad bit longer but It was Great over all