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Reviews for "Music Video"


Well you said Free time

This was cool

Very weird.

Interesting movie. Just wondering though, what were all the messages? I got too caught up in letting it loop to take the time to stop the animation and read them.

i have to go to mcdonalds now for frys

its weird but cool that was cool. i only cought 7 words walmart, no one likes u, and mcdonalds. can u post what u sayed cause no matter how many times i look at it i cant get it but other than that is was great


I have this insane urge to go to walmart now

what the? more abstract randomity @_@ although...

An unusual submission but a cool one. Thought I was suffering from lack of sleep for a minute then and seeing shit that wasn't really there when the ball got a face! Brilliant motion sync with sound and what else can I say really?