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Reviews for "Music Video"


i know you have amazing talent but, why? why waste your time? i love the madness series but i dont get it... why did this get such a high score.
only authors like:

tom fulp
legendary frog

and a few more could get away with a flash like this, only because everyone loves them and vote 5 before they even watch it because its you


Small and pointless, yet it made me smile so it was worth my time watching! :) Thanks

What the...

Why did this get daily 4th?

Krinkels responds:

Yeah, wait, huh? I submitted this yesterday! Wierd...


The only reason you made the daily top 5 is because of your name, if me or any other flash creator had made that and submitted it, we wudda been blammed!

Krinkels responds:

You are incapable of making this, you do not have the mighty power of Sean Hodges behind you!

And no, if you had made this, it would have been well recieved, there is plenty of stupid crap like this on NG. some on my favs list!


it wasn't that great it was just a little stupid and if anyone goes off about how i am wrong wutever just because some1 makes awesome flashes doesn't mean they can't come out with a not-so-good flash