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Reviews for "Music Video"


This was awesome. I love it. Everyone deserves time to screw arround. Sound is a 5 because my speakers are not plugged in, and I am not going to give you a zero nor a 10 when I can't hear it.

Not bad...

A little too short... Keep em coming though. You've prolly heard alot of this, but I hope you do a little more with the madness series or start a similar series. Your talent really comes out in those.

No one likes me?!

All this time... I thought they did! Oh, the deception! HOW DARE THEY! CLOUD MY VISION WITH THE ILLUSION OF THEIR ACCEPTANCE! They got a lot of nerve...

Oh, and uh, about the actual cartoon... yeah, good stuff as always. Syncs up perfectly and the hidden messages about Walmart and hell or something... I didn't catch em all just yet, but mark my words, I will! No matter how many times I have to watch it.


Hey Weirdo......from MC.

Krinkels, this is Dyvaith from MC (obvioiusly)

I really enjoyed this one. It was VERY smooth, really cool animation, cool song. Overall it was just cool.

I think you've improved in flash even more since you did MC4...and I certainly can't wait for MC5!


It is me Weirdo from mc. The only thing I like about it, it is smooth, the rest is pretty freaky.