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Reviews for "Music Video"


and not in a bad way. But are they really 'subliminal messages' if it's put into flashy words at the top of the window? Oh, and it needs more death.


Go Krinkels!
I liked the subliminal message things like
Eat at MacDonalds, Legalize Sodomy, Santa Loves you!

Keep it up!!!


For the guy be4 me...HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY SUBLIMINAL MESSEGES, HE FUCKIN WROTE THEM AT THE TOP OF THE FLASH,ok now dat i got dat off ma..ahem...mind, i wanna say da dis iz a good animation especially when ur high...all an all, i'm votin 5


fucking kewl

i loved this video it is so funny with the subliminal messages i wish i could read them a bit easier but hell i still liked this song and ive noticed u like techno but hell so do i ahhaha i am still going to watch all of ur movies ur my favorite author i love u i want to be an animator like u one day

kinda frightening

It was pretty funny, but it kinda creeped me out cuz i saw the trippy words, and I knew it was subliminal messages. well, u should make the words a little bit more flashy, but it was cool, and i like the moozic.