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Reviews for "Music Video"


It was interesting but it was on a mediocre level entertainment wise. It also seemed a bit short.


As always Krinkels manages too entertain as well as be too damn good at flash! That was amazing.

oh does anyone else want a McDonalds......i have a sudden urge to have a cheeseburger?

now THATS key...

As usual, awsome job man, no random violence though? oh well... i found that funny... and for those who say "i like the subliminal message" thing... ur retarded... like go home.... anyways... did u make that music, its was pretty cool. Keep up the good work eh, and

~KeEp On RoCkIn' !!!


that was good man that was good. I love all your madness stuff. and i still cant get that damn chicken dance out of my head nor can i get the music for apeothesis. give me a response.!


krinkel, u rule man!!!! madness rules!!!! like the tune but i think the chicken dance is the 1 for madness. anyway nice job