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Reviews for "Music Video"


*you will cooperate! Assimilate or die! resistance is futile! eat at mcdonalds! you are not unique! santa loves you! nobody likes you! now avalible at wal-mart! here is how to order! do as I say! remain peaceful! injuries sustained! all your fault! hell awaits you! legalize sodomy! NO-ONE LIKES YOU!!!* let's see, did I miss anything?
yes, im nuts, but ya dont have to rub it in.

great 1


it was good i like the music, but you should put an epilepsy warning on that thing !!!!


Cant wait for Madness 5, good music Sean get that M5 done soon Krinkels, We are all patiently waiting.


Lol, subliminal advertising at its best...

You should do some more actual cartoons. You got a very sarcastic sense of humor, which is one o' my favorites.

don't lose that lose that special gift

krinkels i love most of your work your the biggest thing to happen to NG scince well.... you with you using that violent mind your becomes braindead pointless and basiclly should be blammed sorry

P.S i am 1 of your biggest fans i've seen all your work saying that about your was a hard thing to do