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Reviews for "Music Video"

Here's a little something.

Little known fact: YOU DON'T HAVE TO "GET IT" FOR IT TO BE GOOD. I know what you're thinking. "GASP! Shock! Lies! lolzorz!!!1" But it is TRUE. I didn't realy "get it," but I thought it was hilarious, well-animated, and fun to watch. Those of you Madness fans out there: I like Madness as well, but this isn't Madness. This isn't pointless blood and gore that you people seem to be so disgustingly addicted to. This is a music video, and it's FUNNY. So shut up. 9/10.


I would like to start off by saying that, well, Hell doesn't await me... My girlfriend is Satan - I am in Hell.

Moving on...

I don't know what the big deal is. So Krinkles didn't make a Madness flash. boohoo. You got to love the music. And your sense of humor is perfect. Hey, I was even one of the few who enjoyed Tricky bangbanggooberblat. Hilarious. With the popeye music. Brilliant.

Anyway - I am a fan through and through. Like, to quite a scary point. Like the point where I have your music on a CD...

But, on a less stalkerish note: Great job. Loving the subliminal messages. LEGALIZE SODOMY!



I dun get it.....

I dun get it.....