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Reviews for "Music Video"

Krinkels, your flash is so godly. It's amazing. *Sniff* Someday I hope to have flash as good as yours. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to cry in the corner.

oh no

You will cooperate, assimilate or die, resistance is futile, eat at mcdonalds, u are not unique, santa loves u, remain peaceful,

my dear krinkels, are u putting subliminal messages in your flash again?

Krinkels responds:

They aren't subliminal. They're like, right there.... you can clearly perceive them. Had they been subliminal you would suddenly have a head full of ideas you couldn't account for.


it rocked
but after watching it i was depressed :( noone likes me


I like the animation with the music
both rule
both awesome



Subliminal Messages! YAY!

Hell awaits you,
Santa loves you
No one likes you