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Reviews for "Music Video"


Its a great video. Very simple yet really cute to look at!


Well i gave u a 4 on graphics because they were very weird. 3 on stlye because dont think no one has ever done a music video on newgrounds b4. 10 on sound because i liked the song. 0 on violence because they was no violence. 0 interractivity because u i dont know what that means lol. 0 on humor because it wasnt funny. A 6 on overall because i liked the song a bit. This was a bit lame but have u ever got a bad review on your madness films and the music on them is great where can i download a long version of splitmek and madness combat avenger/apotheosis end (the one with the choir people thing) because i love those songs. Please make a 6th madness combat if you are tell me these are so cool films.

you did good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i myself like the song or the beat might i say myself but it would be bettr if you got some game or movie or even cartoon characters to dance to this song now or have the MadClown off of Maddness kill some one to this song. THINK ABOUT IT?


people like me :D good music it was in uh in sync with the animation and that sunshine guy looks happy :P


this makes me say
"drugs that make you high MUST be more effective where you live..."