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Reviews for "Music Video"


It was pretty good. I liked it.

And I lok foreward to madness combat 6!

Krinkels you are really strange...

but that's what makes you're movies so cool! I love your movies (even Breadman) because of your style and humor. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to Madness 6!


cant decide whether i liked it or not..kind of hypnotizing but wierd and not too much effort apparently, unless you're using some wierd 8-bit flash software


wow. sorry sean, that music sucked. made in fruity loops i suppose. fuck i can do so much better than that.

Look at the colors!

Woo,were you on something when you made this? I mean seriously,How could you not have been.Its FREAKING CRAZY! OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! RAAAAAAAA *jumps on the nearest person and bites them*
It was good.