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Reviews for "Music Video"

Great. loved it

It's cool. really you made a good one. as always. You really are the best krinkels.

Is the music by Cheshyre?

Its cool


Woo! so good! did u make the song? it kicked ass i loved it!!!
and in responce to the last dumbass who asked how he's supposed 2 read the words:
1:you aren't meant to, thats why its "subliminal" messaging
2:if u really wanna read 'em, right click turn play off and keep pressing forward.
thank you once again Krinkels for the madness series ^_^

How I'm I supposed to read it?

Body Review?


I honestly want to know what your technique was for thinking of those phrases, i mean, Holy jesus, it's pretty damn messed up.

I liked the music

Really nice. Is there a MP3 for this?
oh, and since the previous guy asked so nicely, thank you :)