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Reviews for "The Matrix Still Has You"

Ah how nice it is to laugh.

Joanime's was my favourite by far. Sorry Legendary Frog, but One Ring 3 will surely be your day to shine.

Loved it

To Joseph ( A.K.A Legendary frog ) its these things that make you my all time fav artist :D

To Cycon Your humor may be dirty but your also one of my all time fav artists, Its sad to see the old animation weve grown to love be kicked out...but I hope with the new animation better Ideas and thoughts will arrive ^^

To Serge Your style of animation amazed me, and I hope to see many more projects from you in the future :D

To Joanime Another of my fav artists :D I love the style of animation and the stories you put out...never stop.

To Gerkinman Your animation is unique along with your humor. Your good, keep it up :P

Review if you have the time

Excellent sequel, better than the first

Very good parodies.
Shy_guy16 if this makes poop look good your comment makes Michael Jackson sound sensible.


Will there be a trilogy?

Come on, you have to make a third one, there are still so many scenes you haven't ripped on yet. All though the last one had the worst animation style out of all, it was very funny. Try doing where Neo reaches the surface, it'd intresting to see what you do with it.


"be the one in safety" that whole bit was the funniest out of the bunch, great collaborationand good job to everyone