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Reviews for "The Matrix Still Has You"

Always with you !

Nice work guys ! And Joseph I'll look forward your next one ! And the others you really impressed me, keep it up !

Still Hilarious

The Matrix is still funny, Everyone single one of them are so funny. U have to make more of those.

An amalgamation of hilarity.

Having been a big fan of the original "The Matrix Has You," as well as an avid viewer of all these authors' works, I'm glad to say that "The Matrix Still Has You" doesn't disappoint. This new collection of Matrix spoofs and parodies offers up a great variety of humor and style. Even though I'm surprised that no one has attempted a "How many Smiths can you fit in a phone booth?" gag, I was still laughing my virtual ass off. A must-see for fans of the films, this flash compilation is excelent quality. Since the flash is divided into segments, I will review each on its own.

Agent Training:
Cycon's latest work retains his unique sense of humor. Even though things have toned down a bit when compared to "Ode To Cigarette" and "The Wrong Vagina," little is sacred in this Matrix. Even though a certain reference might be offensive, basing your opinion on that alone is like a smoker walking out after the first ten minutes of "Clerks." My opinion: just keep doing your thing, Cycon, we love you for it.

Serge's battle animations were quite fluent, and the ending was priceless. Impressive, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Legendary Frog, the mastermind behind it all, does well in his portion of the flash. His art style shines through, and the quick changes between the phasing/unphasing Twins was nice. However, it seems that as of late all your major works revolve around educational films. Something you're not telling us, LF?

Mobile Ave:
I loved this flash. Joanime's style worked perfectly for the movie, and her sense of timing for the physical and verbal comedy was perfect. The spinning and sound effect when Neo gets rammed by the train reminded me of Um Jammer Lammy for some reason (that's a good thing.) Very well done.

The Siege:
Gerkinman's unique flavor of havoc permeates this flash, where "normal" has no place. I liked the quirky facial expressions, and the Brick cameo was priceless. If you had added "The Entertainer" to the background for that one segment it would have been absolutely hilarious! Matrix Are Fun.


Another masterpiece from legendary frog (And the other artists too. Duh. )

Purely genius!

You guys are geniuses! This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! I can't wait for the third and final movie to be spoofed so superbly by you all! Keep up the great work and continue to be the best!