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Reviews for "The Matrix Still Has You"

An awesome display!!!

Agent Training:

Nothing beats parodies of 56k dialup! The animation was not bad but there is always room for improvement. Another piece of constuctive criticism may be that it was a tad bit short but overall it was good 8/10


Well the humour seemed done before but it still made me smirk lol. The animation was original to say the least. I enjoyed it 7.5/10.


Yeah its good to see the whole subliminal advertising in movies payed out! As always your animation is exceclent in a simplified yet talented way 9/10

Mobil Ave:

Hahahah!! I'm a sucker for anime style stuff! I loved your interpretations of trinity ^^. Call me a sly bastard 10/10

The Siege:

It was alright. It was a little be anti-climatic to watch this one last. None the less it had its moments of comedy and some of the robot cameos was cool! 6/10


With the menus, programming and the piece as a whole 10/10.

Keep up the swell work!

Very good.

Serge; Great animation, man. This most likely seems to be your big break. Keep it up.

Cycon; You're new to me, but you have won my respect. Nice job on Agent Training.

Joanime; Your submission to this has very closely rivaled Gerkinman's and LF's movies. Love the animation style. Humor was good too. Great job.

Gerkinman; You're a fresh face also. Everything in your movie was good, except you need to work on your music looping.

LegendaryFrog; Very good, as pretty much always. Good luck with Matrix 3.



In my opininon this Totally great stuff. Very funny and smart, not toilet humour. Way to go. If this was on TV, I would definitely watch it.

Rock on

Ya that was funny i should of looked at it on sunday... o well


sweet work ppls, some better than others but who gives a fuck righty?!?!

oh and i just realised that there's a guy named roland in the movie w00t that's my name!!