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Reviews for "The Matrix Still Has You"


HAHA!! the agent trainin and the others are all very funny.. nicely done.. appreciate the mini series all in one.. haha.. and the stories are damn funny.. haha... i like all of them.. great job man.. keep it up..

The Matrix Still Has You Hits #1 on NG Top 50

This is an extraordinary must-see spoof of the matrix.
Appealing to audiences both young and old, it's became self-evident that one does not have to be an all in all matrix fan to adore this flash presentation.

Setting high standards, LegendaryFrog and the team have made a success here. Here at new grounds, it can be assumed that we all hope to see more of this quality projects. Keep up the good work. ;)

No holds were barred in the making of this clip.
The graphics are not state of the art but are more than adequate.

This clip lacks no style. This is not a run of the mill clip. Better said to be a clip that shows a distinctive line between humour and the hilarity to be observed here. Albeit hard to observe when you fall over laughing.

Sound does not leave much to be desired. It would be fairly hard to say that anything is perfect.
The voices were done well and add to the jovial atmosphere of this parody.

Excessive violence would have been ill-suited for this. The Amount of violence and the way it was set out added to the humour.

The humour provides the responder with an alternative to being on the edge of their seats: rolling on the floor laughing. If laughter is indeed the best medicine, this movie will ensure a long prosperous life.

In a close #2nd, the teaser for fallen angel comes in a close second for popularity.
Lacking humour but making up for it in superb graphics and sound.
Another must see.

Proudly reviewed by WiLo

i loved it

very nice......i laughed obout some parts for a while.....great job!


yo that was one of the best things ive ever seen. Legendary Frog you are my favorite animator and the twins thing was freakin aswome. Joanime i loved your movie also and i hope to be seeing more movies from you soon

Woahhhhhhhhhh .. Matrix kicks ass!!

You guys are a cool team! I like the Matrix cause it kicks ass! Do another one please?!