Reviews for "Wallurd"

Kick ass man, I like to see the concept of the character, then how it turned out after it was modeled and textured. I always enjoy 3d work, good job mindchamber

wallard IS SPARTA and cute :P

aaaw is adorable :3

Looking at this and then thinking about the max and maya classes i've taken is making a lot more sense. low polys but bad arse bump map, light, and texturing makes the trick that fools the eye.
using that mindset, my robotic angel which was 36,000 polys, now reduced to 15,000 and virtually no difference visual wise.
i can't wait to work with other 3d artists in the future if possible; nearing the course of bump mapping and soon human modeling ill be confident enough to start great things.

walrus looks rad; love the simple shapes yet the uv mapping makes so i can barely tell its unsmoothed, a shame though that the project only made partial way, would've loved to help with development.

anyways thanks to you, osuka and my teacher's, i learn more and love it a lot each moment i boot up autodesk.


MindChamber responds:

sounds good, good luck with your projects

nice modelling, cant wait to see it smoothed and textured. btw, what program are you using for the models? Maya? 3D Max?

MindChamber responds:

this was done in blender, it probably wont be smoothed since its for a low poly game.
but it is textured, (left top image)