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Reviews for "Teletubbies get Fucked"

Remembering the issues with these types of games was back in 2000, I'm surprised this one actually survived after all those legal issues. Granted, this one wasn't all that good. Nothing special about the graphics, but more importantly, the gun was a pain to aim. it seemed to hit the teletubbies entirely at random, and it didn't feel like a shooting game in the slightest.

played this back when it first came out, still playing it today, killing teletubbies is just too damn enjoyable

Cute game

Pokemon, Furby... well, how we can miss the Teletubbies as targets? The graphics are very good.

Nice game

A good game you have made, I like always killing those things hehe, wish the game was more in depth and had much more to kill, maybe add more bad things/enemies to demolish and kill, thats something everyone likes doing and just abit more of that would improve on this game that much more, Also the shooting seemed abit glichi, so thats something to look into maybe too much graphics detail there not sure.

Make the shooting smoother, and make more enemies. more enemies of all sorts and all.

a fun game could use a fix or two and more stuff to kill but overall i found enjoyment in this game.


Should at least be re-rated.

It's not bad, especially for 2000, but...
Actually it kind of makes me wish i had Internet in 2000.