Reviews for "Legendary Tales 1-4"


i must say, that out of all the authors on newgrounds you are my all time fav. keep up the great work.

Wow, just Wow...

I am such a DDR freak/anime/manga/gamer (I am a true nerd of the techs) I actually know the 2 songs you got up there, you should make more DDR! anyways, the song Kerri was playing is "Sandstorm" and the song Ark played was "Buttlerly" Sandstorm is up in the PS2 at the DDRMAX edition, and Butterfly is in DDRMAX2 I think

What a find!

I happened to stumble on this little gem while i was looking for some Metal Gear Solid parodies & to my surprise, it has some shorts featuring Kerrigan & her friends! Kerri is sooo cute in whatever she appears in!

In closing, despite the lukewarm MGS sketch, it's still very entertaining. Great job!

"Eject the floppy...eh heh heh heh..."

Oh I'm going to have a conipition. This was great! I loved it all, and I was just about to die by the time the MGS one was over.
"..like a cracker..."
I love you. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


You are my hero. *heart*
Sense of humor unparred, and now I fear whack-a-moles.

saw them on your site first, but theyare funny

one question, is sandstorm (techno song kerrigan was dancing to) really a DDR song?