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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"

Such great timing!

Recently my and some of my friends are making fun of another one of my friends for liking Hilary Duff(friend is 22 =P) so when I saw this, I couldn't stop laughing!

The only problem that I saw when playing this is near the end of the FBI guys rant on some of the questions he gets cut off(not by me hitting the continue button either).

But yes, an excellent quiz. Keep it up! =D

Damn, that sucks

I am a big time petafilist; nevermind, i'm 14. I didn't know jojo was 13. I also thought Linsey was 15 or 16, not 18. Emma Watson... HOT!! I was knew her before the movies.

Fuck them all

i would take them all hahahahahaha cause im only 13

jailbait...yet I still enjoyed it ======>

It was really fun...i got 9/10 because if thats 2004 technicly the 17 year old is legal now ^___^

Very good shit.

I do SO painfully totally agree with the last guy (Sethbob). Wasn't Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) sixteen? Not even mentioning the original version. Anyway, he basically put my point across for me. Christ they're all sucking and fucking at 12 already anyway, it's not like the law's stopping any of them.
I liked the intro and note to parents, maybe at least the honesty'll go appreciated.
I personally feel very strongly about this issue (I fell for a girl of 13 when I was 16, which later developed to us wanting to be together when I was 18 and she was 15 (borderline "adult" classification and borderline "child" classification (I live in the UK)), but despite I'm 20 now and will obviously be older in the future I'm still attracted to her and every version of her I remember - makes me a paedophile still being in love with a 13-15 year old, right?), so I'm very pleased with this submission overall.
You know I was gonna stop there but I just wanna say how much it PISSES me off that sales pitches/comments like "BARELY legal teens!" are allowed and legal and shit (merely PROVING majority of males are gonna be attracted to "illegal" teens, therefore it's normal, therefore there should be no problem with being a paedophile), and then you get nightclubs where women dress up in bunny costumes and SCHOOLGIRL OUTFITS -- SPECIFICALLY TO LOOK SEXY! And THEN there's the whole issue of people doing everything they can to look YOUNGER(=MORE ATTRACTIVE)! This whole thing being turned into an issue by societal fascades charades and general masquerades put up to make everything LOOK neat and tidy in some rigidly warped sick twisted way fucking everything and everyone up is pissing me off. So yes, just needed to get that off my chest. Thank you for reading :)
(great submission)