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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"

no difference between jailbait or legal nowadays!!

I played this a long time ago, and back then it was pretty hilarious! zipperfish stuff are the best

love it


Don't try to kid yourselves, guys.

Kids are getting older at a younger age. It's way too fucked up to tell if anything with tits is legal or not. Besides, half of the shots of the legal ones were either loose clothing or bee-sting titties.


These guys make a funny line of games, a good time killer


Its an ok game but for one alot of the girls look way older or are older like emma watson is 18 now so its hard to tell if you know what they look like (but since it is the lower part of the body if you know what that looks like its a little wierd)
so in less you have really good dumb luck you cant win