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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"

hahaha awesome

Wow this was cool. Funny that only Jamie Lynn Spears is underage now. . Maybe jojo? Great job.

funny as hell

o me i love pussy to much


Niice, game. Agent Sims is a clown. Ima Moderate Jailbait Lover xD

Ha im a pedo

whats funny about this game is that its so old that all of the girls are 18 or above now lol so id fuck them all if that makes me a pedo then WTF


I honestly do not think that underage teens should be allowed to wear provacitive clothing. Every guy who see's a woman looking the other way in tight clothes will check them out and alot of times when she looks back u realize that she is just a girl and it makes u feel weird. I think if we elimanate this way of dress thier probally would not be so many pedo's out thier...
However I got a kick out out of the game and cant wait to share it with some of my buddys