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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"


Heh, pretty funny. OMFG WE'RE ALL PERVERTS

I love how the judge yells at you for getting something wrong.

pretty good

That was pretty hilarious, but missing something.. I loved getting the answers wrong and having the drill instructor guy yell at me. Best part was being bubba's bitch

It's been done, but not quite like this

There are countless games exactly like this, but not. Confused? So am I. Well, I've never done a "Are you a pedofilier game?" before. The FBI agents voice is hilarious.


Lol. What if your below the age of 18??? What then???

I myself am 13, and I got a pass! What does that make me? A, uh... Grown-up-alerto-fucker-freak? lol... I made that up....


origional, and great, with hot ladies. but i said i would do at least two seventeen year old girls, but in my state, you have to be sixteen to have sex legally but i still got busted noooo!