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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"


Hey, if she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed! :P

ha ha ha

Hermione is sexy though. ha ha ha. wow those underaged kids sure eat their vitamins.

Id Bang Every ONE

Great, but for the Record id BANG every Chick in There, Espeicaly Emma and the "Duffter".

Proving a Point

This is a great test. I gave this submission a vote of 5 simply for it's message. Give this test to any senator and it would be proven that women have been aging in a way that even at the age of 13 a girl can pass for at least 21. Depending on the girl's motives, how can anyone truly avoid the risk of statutory rape? Legal consent for sexual intercourse should fluxuate, it can't possibly be one-size-fits-all in this law. It should be judged by a jury whether or not an underaged girl is 'passable'.

To the artist - Good job at portraying this message. I hope to see further submissions from you.


its funny but from going through your flash you have some serious discrimination problems,mister.