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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"


That was ok.....but........i have played many games and seen many movies very similar to this. It was ok, but not great.


nice animation, and as i guessed, i should be jailed as a pedophile :P. though i'm not a pedophile in real life. lol.

Funny but I've seen it before

This was funny the first time I saw it but it just gets less and less funny.


Sushi_Satellite been having sex with a few too many young girls lately? Maybe dont pick a girl up and fuck 'em when you dont even slightly know them maybe? STD's anyone? when you get to know people.... you can see how old they are, but feel free to do some fore play cause there is no way they can prove that unless you wana take pics...
Movie wasnt bad, it's funny. I like how the guy yells at ya and it actually isnt that hard to tell what a body of a 17 year old looks like and a body of an 18 year old... it can be tough in real life, but you could get hit with alot more then a law suit...

Great like always.

I haven't said much before but I have been a fan for a while now. I can't get on your sight anymore now that I have to pay.... (flat broke). But I am always happy to see one of your cartoons and am always laughing at your cartoons.