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Reviews for "Like Jailbait? 2004 Quiz"


Congratulations, I almost wet myself laughing. Keep up the good work.

I got 1/5 jailbaits. (Darn you Jojo and your misleading body-type!)


i thought this was very entertaining. the guy talking was really funny peter piper pick the... ummm something pedophile something something that i cant remember.

good stuff

a little out of date, but pretty funny.
i hit 4/5 girls, how bout you guys?

no sense

this game doesn't make much sense and is not really up-to-date. Emma Watson (from harry potter) is now 17 or 18. I'm 18 myself and i would sure bang her. That does not make me a pedophile, don't you think so??


all the girls over eighteen would be the petifile. I'm only 15