Reviews for "Suicide Ninjas"


that ending sucked! but the movie was still really good. i think you have some talent to make better ending. anyways, good job four out of five


Yeah, it was a good movie until the end...dont have the hero kill himself, it kinda ruins the whole feeling of yay, the killer is randomly killing everyone and its fun and...oh wait, darn, he killed himself. See, its kind of a downer/retarded way to end it.


Nice job. Graphics were ok, and the idea was..ok too =) I can´t say anything about sounds, ´cause my soundcard is broken.

Anywasy, keep it up dude.

i'll agree

the thing did get fucked up when the suicide thing came up. other than that it was great...especially for such a small file size...good work!


it was a good movie but the thing got fucked up when the suicide club came up.the violence was pretty stupit there was only blood.and who was the ninja the guy with the red spot or the guy who killedd him.