Reviews for "Suicide Ninjas"

this movie:good.

ripping off:not cool.ninjas:cool.kamas:cool.


I Want A Free Gun!!


dude that would have been awesome if you would have left it at the part where the guy kills himself and would have said like honerable death or something because you made a really good movie until the end, it got really stupid, keep making movies but dont add really stupid twist like that, its just pointless.


graphics are quite good, that was really fun to watch! i really liked how it was animated.. fighting with lots of blood. more blood the better! great work! i swear the voice at the end sounded like mikey! hahahha "hello my future girlfriend!" "join a suicide club today and get a free gun!" similar voices me thinks.

pretty good

I liked it but there could of been some cool music in there, and the whole pace of the animation was quite slow too, I liked you drawing style id original and worked, although i didn't like the speeking at the end it kinda ruined it a bit.