Reviews for "Suicide Ninjas"

superb potentials...

I've seen some awesome authors like Krinkels in my time, but your a

natural born.They're gonna be screaming your name man, mark my

words. Honestly...

Gi-go responds:

Thanks very much man


Lol at the end, Join your suicide club today! And recieve a free gun!!! You were twelve, big deal, you were talking like your mum was in the next room and you don't want her to know about the cartoon. Great job mate, and you don't sound like a girl, you sound like you're having problems with puberty.

loved it

receive a free gun! hilarious... i second the last comment. i feel bad for you when you were 12.


Haha you sound horible when your 12 :')


that was really cool but what did that last guy say?