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Reviews for "Leet Man"

I can tell that this is an older picture. It doesn't look near as good as a lot of your other stuff. Then again, all of your other stuff is sprite work... I just don't think the colors are that good. He seems that he's in too small of an area. I think the box should be widened out.

I do see some originality here. There just doesn't seem to be good shading. I guess the art portal isn't really a place for sprite work. You're still a great animator! I just don't think this was interesting.

you should totally make an animation, comic, or something using this character.

HadoukenDude responds:

I'm still working on developing this concept as well as other characters.

Nice drawing but...

I can't really tell which way he's facing so I'll give you a 7/10.

Simply not good.

I am very sorry but i have to tell you that this piece has not even 1% artistic value.
First of all, this character has no whatever is called originality. As you said it yourself it's supposed to be a mixture of Tron,cpn command and the Tankmen. So instead of creating something real yourself you just pick random (!) characters and put them together which brings me directly to point 2: The effort made in this drawing.
I am counting 4 colours, maybe a glow effect and a gradient. What were you thinking ?
Even if this is to be seen as a - as you refer to it - simple character design it's really really bad. What were you focussing on while creating this masterpiece ? Maybe the "unique" proportions? The complex pattern on his suit? The shading (LMAO) which consists in your opinion of a shitty gradient? And these were just a few aspects. But long story short, I think i put more effort into this review than you did into your "character design". Try harder next time.

HadoukenDude responds:

hey, in my defense, I was never good at drawing,but AT LEAST I tried...

No need to sound like you have a broom stick shoved up your ass.

nice but

i heard of two left feet but two right hands?

HadoukenDude responds:

Consider it a prototype design of the character. It does have it's flaws and I'm aware of the "two right hands" goof up. I'm still new at this so give me a break, alright?