Reviews for "The History of Mario"


But not perfect. The "Sex" joke got old after a while.

Long but funny

I usually hate mario parodies, but this one is funny. I like the way you put it together, good work!

I thought it was pretty funny

I'm pretty sure if your going to have sprites doing eachother and cramming babies up their asses, you apparently AREN"T following the character's bio's completely. Don't know why people complaining so much.

That intro was stupid as hell and I could only read like 3/5 of it cause it kept flashing on and off and I'd lose my place. That text-pop-up sound was fine, but possibly find a less annoying one (if you cant, the one you have will do).

Aliyen responds:

I agree about the intro being stupid as hell. I added it there as an inside joke.

It's really not such a big thing, though.


Lotta unecessary curse words.

Aliyen responds:

While sitting on my computer chair and eating a drop of watermelon-flavored yogurt with my antique silverware collection, I noticed your comment lurking just on the downtown of the Newgrounds portal submissions..

As I stroked my testicular-shaped chin, I opened my mouth very slowly, and let loose the following words: "I agree."

My year with the hippopatamuses don't go unwanted. My time with the unicorns teaches me to hold a strong will, for only a real man can fight like a boxer, but a real man with a strong will can fight with the eye of a healthy lion cub..

Therefore, time goes on for a few of these years, so it is up to us to help time go on. For if we just let time go, would we be real men? No...We would be horses.

just in case you donĀ“t know...

popo and nana, the ice climbers, are brothers, not lovers.