Reviews for "The History of Mario"

Very good

Awesome sprite. It was all perfect except for one thing. Next episode, don't say fuck so much. I'm not offended, it's just was boring for them saying nothing but that. Next epidode keep it like this way and use fuck not during every sentence

Aliyen responds:

I kind of agree. The script was written almost a year ago, so it was a bit funnier at the time. I'll keep it to a minimum in the next episode.

Not bad....

There was a few too many "fucks" really, but other than that, it was pretty damn good. No 2 on it's way I hope. :)


Another one of your good works my friend.


Hey, this movie is pretty interesting. It has something new, and has alot of F*cks. Well, it's got some laughter in it, so you've passed my judgement!


That was very funny. The graphics where kind of poor along with the audio but it was well written, lots of funny parts.