Reviews for "The History of Mario"

Nothing extremely interesting.

Not that you'd take my advice, but I think that you do not need your people having sex every 30 seconds. That and swearing in almost every sentence is not funny. Thanks to you, swear words have become stupid to say. But seriously, don't try to curse as much as you can or just show sex. You may win the hearts of twelve year olds, but not particularly me. My two cents on your movie.

Blades of Exile sound effect and a Lunar song! Don't know if you knew where they came from, but I found it awesome. The humor itself was retarded however


Introduction: Well no, I'm not a pervert, don't judge me because I like the Mario series and i clicked the link looking for a half decent flash about someones view on how Mario came to be.

Graphics: These are fricking sprites (notice the rickinginstead of uck) These sprites were mario sprites thus making them not to hard to find (unless you're an idiot).
[Graphics: 4/10]

Style: It was simply a really bad, noob, sprite flash. It was a good idea to actually think of how he grew up, but you ruined it.
[Style: 4/10]

Sound: The sound was alright and making it the best part of your marks, pretty sad though becasue they werent that good.
[Sound: 6/10]

Violence: The only violence was the part where he threw something at the pizza guy[from what i watched anyway].
[Violence: 4/10]

Interactivity: No buttons, no interactivity.
[Interactivity: 0/10]

Humor: This wasn't even funny, i just felt sorry for you.
[Humor: 1/10]

Overall: This was my shortest Real Review Ever. I felt that i should take as much time writting a review for your movie than you did making it. Adios.
[Overall: 3/10]

Aliyen responds:

In that case, it must have taken you hours to write this review.


i think it was fairly retarded and not in the good sense of the word either... because things can be "retarded" and pshyc but still be funny or witty... this -khm- masterpiece -khm- clearly wasn´t.

you're an idiot

You're one of those kids I run by who think fucking is so cool. Fucking is only pulling dicks, twisting nipples, and slipping penises in asses, so shut the fuck up, you wonder about fucking, now you know.

Aliyen responds:

I suggest you don't judge people just because of their cartoons, because they don't necessarily define people. If you weren't a dumbass you'd know that.