Reviews for "The History of Mario"

That was Great!

I loved the use of sprites & music as well as the story-line involved. Can't wait for Episode 2 to come out! Keep up the good work!



That was pretty good, nice job! :] That was awesome funny, wicked grapgics and good music. Make us a second one!


5! <:o)

I just wanna say..

That I love your cartoon and I think the storyline is awsome! Im not trying to come off as if I have bad taste or anything, I think it takes a certin kind of guiness (I cant fucking spell) to make such a funny cartoon about such a well known video game duoe. So basically I dont give a F*8K what anyone else thinks this is the one time that I will enjoy what.. it seems everyone hates.

Nothing extremely interesting.

Not that you'd take my advice, but I think that you do not need your people having sex every 30 seconds. That and swearing in almost every sentence is not funny. Thanks to you, swear words have become stupid to say. But seriously, don't try to curse as much as you can or just show sex. You may win the hearts of twelve year olds, but not particularly me. My two cents on your movie.