Reviews for "The History of Mario"

No sence of decorum eh?

Just another poor sad sod who can't string together a sentance without the F word in it, you sad sad being. After the first 10 times I quit watching because I felt my IQ slipping. There's only so many times that word is funny, then it just gets stupid. I don't know what message you were trying to get acress by using it so many times but to me it just spelt out 'NO BRAIN HERE'

Anyway, onto the story. It was a very good idea, and without the string of profanities it could be something very interesting. I have no problem with the adaptation of Marios life...it's what fans are for. The idea is very good and I want to see more, but please don't screw it up with your inabilty to find any good substitute for 'fuck'. It's depraved, it's sad, and it only goes to express how low your IQ is.

Aliyen responds:



that was great i give u a 10 nice flash hope to see the next part


That was realy good and i nearly wet meself

Blades of Exile sound effect and a Lunar song! Don't know if you knew where they came from, but I found it awesome. The humor itself was retarded however


That was very funny. The graphics where kind of poor along with the audio but it was well written, lots of funny parts.