Reviews for "The History of Mario"


THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT mario is my favorite character but u made so bad JUST DON'T DO THE 2ND PART U ALEARDY DONE THIS CRAP it waaaaas sooooooooooooooooooooooo boring sry dude better luck next time

that was funny...

i agree the nintendo games of mario and luigi never really told where they were from...

but those iceclimbers... they are from the real game...

and i thought...

they were brother and sister...

no wonder mario and luigi are so retarded..


i think it was fairly retarded and not in the good sense of the word either... because things can be "retarded" and pshyc but still be funny or witty... this -khm- masterpiece -khm- clearly wasn´t.

Pretty Cool

That was pretty good. I only wish that the Ice Climbers did something other than having sex and that there were more sound other than the end. Anyway I liked it and keep on making it! :D


Introduction: Well no, I'm not a pervert, don't judge me because I like the Mario series and i clicked the link looking for a half decent flash about someones view on how Mario came to be.

Graphics: These are fricking sprites (notice the rickinginstead of uck) These sprites were mario sprites thus making them not to hard to find (unless you're an idiot).
[Graphics: 4/10]

Style: It was simply a really bad, noob, sprite flash. It was a good idea to actually think of how he grew up, but you ruined it.
[Style: 4/10]

Sound: The sound was alright and making it the best part of your marks, pretty sad though becasue they werent that good.
[Sound: 6/10]

Violence: The only violence was the part where he threw something at the pizza guy[from what i watched anyway].
[Violence: 4/10]

Interactivity: No buttons, no interactivity.
[Interactivity: 0/10]

Humor: This wasn't even funny, i just felt sorry for you.
[Humor: 1/10]

Overall: This was my shortest Real Review Ever. I felt that i should take as much time writting a review for your movie than you did making it. Adios.
[Overall: 3/10]

Aliyen responds:

In that case, it must have taken you hours to write this review.