Reviews for "Collaborate of World"

Why not a 5?

This is awesome O_O.
+0,11 :D, this song is, I dont know, is just lovely, you did a good work :).

Semaphore responds:

thanks mate =)

it make me proud that you rate it with the highest score

if the end version is finished I will pm you =)

3/5, 7/10

There are aspects of the song, that could be better. However, the melody and key tones are quite impressive. I like how you mix all those genre's in a good way, without overusing sounds.

It's way too short, and i would imagine that some trance synths could make this brilliant. Keep up the good work!


Semaphore responds:

we will work it out nearly =) after such nice reviews like this corncamper ;)

lol, 5.00 / 5.00 (+ 0.0000030)

I hope it stays like that.

You never leave contact with this friend. It is a very unique unison you two have and is reflected in the music.

greetings Zero123Music :D

Semaphore responds:

hehe yeah I like the first result I have to hear it again and again because this mix is so addicting GetZZ has a hand for Drumtacts =D

Finish this...

I like where your going with this project! I can picture a whole new verse from where you left off.

Keep it up!

Semaphore responds:

I will ;)

thanks mate